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Pages CMS

One of the challenges with publishing a site like this is ... publishing a site like this.

It's far more than anyone wants to read about this, and, frankly, this continues the absolute stereotype of "I relaunched a blog! Here's my platform! Many, many years pass in silence! Repeat!" but: this is a static site built with 11ty, and I'd been struggling with how best to post. I have this hilariously intricate setup on my phone using the application Drafts, but ... it literally only works on my phone and tablet. I have to do something completely different on my laptop. And it was a pain, so I didn't post anything. (Also, who has the energy these days...)

So now I've discovered this delightful Pages CMS tool that integrates directly with the github repository that contains my site and ... ok, please stop drooling... fine, it's only exciting to me. But I can now post to the site using one workflow from anywhere. It's great.

Which means one more excuse I'll have to work around for never posting anything when suddenly it's 2027 and I haven't posted a word.